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Sandra Greenaway

Sandra Greenaway
Artwork by Sandra Greenaway, member of Imagine That!

Kimono on Display

Sandra Greenaway's creations are a blend of contemporary and vintage fabrics, piecing techniques, an artful eye and couture sewing.

She is inspired by traditional Japanese kimono design to create garments with elements of that tradition - simple lines, quilting, piecing of fabrics, and creative use of colour and texture. Sandra has an Arts degree and trained in apparel design, pattern drafting and tailoring at the University of Manitoba.

The kimono is the national clothing of Japan. Kimono styles have changed significantly from one period of Japan's history to another. Traditionally the cut, color, fabric, and decorations of a kimono may vary according to the sex, age, and marital status of the wearer, the season of the year, and the occasion for which the kimono is worn. The kimono continues to evolve and is the foundation for many modern fashions and art-to-wear.

It is the fabric- its beautiful colours, exotic motifs and quality of weave - that first attracted Westerners to Japanese garments. Clothing as an art form is more relevant today than ever. With the availability of mass-produced products in the world, we long for things unique and personal.

Sandra has adapted the "yukata" summer kimono pattern to suit Western needs and lifestyles, adding a pocket, belt carriers and sash. Each kimono is one-of-a-kind, individually made from fabrics that make you feel special. Because it is easy to wear and of high comfort, you can wear it anywhere you like, going out, at a home and for travel.

Sandra's kimono are available at Imagine That! Artisans Designs, 251 Craig Street, Duncan.

As appeared in the Cowichan Valley Voice - June 2011, page 20

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