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IMAGINE THAT! Artisans Designs, downtown Duncan, BC, Canada IMAGINE THAT! Artisans Designs, downtown Duncan, BC, Canada
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Eva Trinczek

Eva Trinczek
Artwork by Eva Trinczek, member of Imagine That!

Eva Trinczek immigrated to Canada more than 20 years ago. She spent the first six years in Oakville, Ontario, where she met her husband.They moved to Vancouver Island in 1990 with their three children and have been living in the Cowichan Valley ever since. Eva, mostly self-taught, has always had a natural love for art.

Much of her creativity was inspired growing up in a home where many things were handcrafted. In 2003, after raising and home school-ing her three children, Eva decided to actively produce and market her art. In 2004 Eva welcomed the opportunity and joined Imagine That! Artisans' Designs as a member. To show her artwork in Downtown Duncan has been a rewarding and positive experience.

For Eva inspiration is everywhere, most of all in nature. Eva's paintings, done in acrylics, pastels and oils are colourful and vibrant. Many are of animals (a favourite is birds). Other subjects include flowers, still life and people of different ethnic backgrounds. "My ideas for subject matter are endless ' Eva laughs. "I would like to paint 'one of everything", which means I have to continue painting for a very long time." Besides painting, Eva enjoys photography and jewellery making.

Eva welcomes customers to her studio where more of her paintings, banners, art cards, photography, jewellery and much more can be found. Watch for the "Studio Open" sign, or call to make an appointment.

As appeared in the Cowichan Valley Voice - July 2010, page 27

The Perfect Present for Pet Lovers

Local artist Eva Trinczek has the perfect gift for animal lovers - commission her to paint a legacy gift for your friends and family! Currently she is painting a series of sheep, but has also painted chickens, roosters, cows, squirrels, pigs, birds and of course cats and dogs. Interested in finding out more? Please read on.

How do you prepare for a commissioned animal painting?

I mostly work from photographs. I like to have several different ones to work from to help me detect the character and any special expressions unique to the pet. I always want the families to tell me as much as possible about the personality of the pet as well as their favourite sleeping spaces, toys, things to do etc. If access to the animal is easy I certainly like to meet them beforehand. I then take my own photographs. In many cases though the animal has passed away and so photos are the only reference. Do you offer various sizing?

Yes, the smallest size for special orders are 8x10 inches. The cost for a 8x10, for one pet is $110 unframed, and $140 and up, framed. There is no limit in size, if it's within your budget. I am also able to work on different surfaces, like walls (murals), doors, boards, etc. How do people get in touch with you about a commission? Before contacting me, people can go to my website to get an idea of my painting style If they like what they see, they can contact me either by phone at 250 746-6132 or email: to set up an appointment. I can also be reached at Imagine That! Artisans' Designs, where I work most Thursdays. Phone:250 748- 6776

As appeared in the Cowichan Valley Voice - December 2010, page 23

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